Photos I owed

So it is mid february already. Here I am home, listening to Miley Cyrus while I download the photos I have from our trip.  I just revived all the moments and it is so heartwarming. I believe photography is amazing, capturing instants by someone's eyes is marvellous. These days I am studying, cuz I gotta sit for a couple of finals, and also going to the beach, training hockey and just enjoying summer. Next week Claudia, a Chilean friend I lived with my first two months in Dublin is coming to Mar del Plata. And I am so freaking excited about that, I just keep planning what to do, where to eat, and this sutff we do for people we love.  I adore to write here, even if it has no sense, no certain purpose, but just to write a few lines. It is pretty therapeutic for me. Gonna hang some photos up here from Paris 💜. See you till my next inspiration storm.

Mixed feelings

Sad Monday 
So I’m sitting in Dublin castle’s park, next to the Garda Memorial Garden and I’m sad. Sad but not in a bad way which is pretty weird to describe. I was able to return to Dublin for five days, reunite with two friends and I had a blast. It is time to leave for the second time in my life now and it’s difficult. There is a huge part of me that will always belong here.  I walked around everywhere as I used to when I had lived here for eight months. I went to places I treasure and plenty of memories resurged. 
As it is getting pretty damn hard to write about my feelings I’m just going to end this text by saying that I would have never thought I would return so fast and I leave once again with that same thought. See you soon Dublin of my heart. I will miss you and I hope this time it wouldn’t take me so long to get over seeing you. 

Viajes nuevos

Año Nuevo, viajes nuevos ¿no? Vuelvo para escribir que terminé el 2017 tomando champagne en Tenerife y antes de eso visité familia en Tucuman que tanto extrañaba esa ciudad tan espectacular y llena de recuerdos de mi infancia. Viajamos con mi hermana y padre a Madrid, Tenerife y conocimos Tati y yo Paris por primera vez, en cinco días mágicos. No dejé de alabar lo que comía, los museos extraordinarios y la Eiffel Tower iluminada de noche que me provocó un WOW vergonzoso que escucharon todos alrededor mío. Sí, Paris es eso como lo pintan “la ciudad del amor” en absolutamente todos sus rincones. Ahora escribo desde Dublin sin boceto ni nada, solo lo que me dan ganas de compartir. Volví a este lugar que considero mi hogar por solo cinco dias pero todo está tan exactamente igual y en su lugar, que me da una nostalgia terrible y eso que todavía no me fui. Lo más significativo es que todos mis amigos ya no están, sus rumbos fueron a otros lugares o volvieron a su tierra al igual que yo. Y …

Uff que texto espectacular

*Imperdible mensaje del Papa

"Puedes tener
defectos, estar ansioso y vivir irritado algunas veces, pero no te olvides que tu vida es la mayor empresa del mundo.

Sólo tu puedes evitar que ella vaya en decadencia.
Hay muchos que te aprecian, admiran y te quieren.

Me gustaría que recordaras que ser feliz, no es tener un cielo sin tempestades, camino sin accidentes, trabajos sin cansancio, relaciones sin decepciones.

Ser feliz es encontrar fuerza en el perdón, esperanza en las batallas, seguridad en el palco del miedo, amor en los desencuentros.

Ser feliz no es sólo valorizar la sonrisa, sino también reflexionar sobre la tristeza.

No es apenas conmemorar el éxito, sino aprender lecciones en los fracasos.

No es apenas tener alegría con los aplausos, sino tener alegría en el anonimato.

Ser feliz es reconocer que vale la pena vivir la vida, a pesar de todos los desafíos, incomprensiones, y períodos de crisis.

Ser feliz no es una fatalidad del destino, sino una conquista para quien sabe …

Visiting Carol in Porto Alegre, Brasil

This time I am into writing about my trip to Porto Alegre, Brasil in October. I’ve been there for almost five days and stayed at Carol’s house. Carol is a lovely young woman I met in Dublin and became friends. We were classmates for only two weeks, but we were part of the party goers group and started to go out together, travel and do quite a lot of stuff too (eg: we went to Liverpool the both of us, I did post about it a while ago). The thing is, after we realized we had a connection and enjoyed so much our trip to Liverpool, specially for The Beatles tours and museums, we always shared stuff about music.

One day, in May I think, she writes me to tell me Paul McCartney was going to play in Porto in October and I was more than welcome to stay at her house. At first I thank her for the tempting invitation but I was completely sure I wouldn’t be able to go.  After two weeks I decided that chance would never be repeated. Paul is old, Carol is constantly moving and that was a great opportuni…


I love and enjoy reading blogs of travelers and today I read some amazingly true facts. A newyorker woman, Annie Daly, wrote in a webpage called SELF about "Traveling the world taught me that I was doing wellness all wrong." [link: https://www.self.com/story/wellness-lessons-from-abroad?mbid=social_cp_facebook_cnt]. 
This article is great to read and reminds me that there is a certain huge truth in everything Annie says. Doesn´t matter where we live, e.g. I live in Argentina, we all do different activities that we and only we consider "wellness." It is, I think, an extraordinary topic to study and experience different cities, people, culture, and what they call wellness is just... wow I find it so interesting! Because I believe that wellness is a good part of the essence of a human being and so subjective at the same time. Getting inspired is so reconforting for me. As I was reading the article I immediately thought I wanted to write about it. I felt every moment …


Today I want to write about what I think of traveling.
I am at home for ten months now and I am having a big need of going somewhere else, anywhere, just not here. Last year I was constantly discovering new places and that became part of me. It seems to me that this year I am too attached to one place, as I've always been. But me, I'm not the same I was a year and a half before.
Argentina, where I live has an extremely difficult economy to allow us (citizens) to travel. Moreover, distances are huge. In my country we have thousands of natural places that are marvelous and breathless, but the truth is only a ten percent of the population can visit them every year. Most of us, spend a very long time saving money just to visit one attraction, or natural park, or city...
I love my country, I love my land, I love my people with the good and the very bad. I just only wish  we could travel more. Finding, learning, getting surprised, admiring, leaving pieces of my heart in different co…

Long time no post

Just wanted to write that I am having a great time in life. I am studying to get a higher degree in Tourism, which luckily will take me two more years, I am playing field hockey which is a sport, a therapy and a passion I have since I am nineyears old. I am planning and planning and achieving goals which is exactly what fills my heart. One month from today I will be flying to Brasil to spend five days with Carol, a friend God put in my way when living in Dublin.  We traveled together to Liverpool and was amazing. As she knew Paul McCartney was going to play in Porto Alegre this October, she immediately noticed me and invited me to go visit her. I remember that at first I was convinced it wouldn't be possible because of money issues, but one month later I realized it was a genuine hell yeah I'm going to watch Paul live!

'Till the next post ❤️


-Fragmento de pensamientos al mes de vivir en Dublin-

No me importa el peligro. Quiero viajar. Nací mujer y estoy orgullosa de serlo. Quiero experimentar. Quiero estudiar el resto de mi vida de libros, videos, páginas web, charlas, acontecimientos culturales, obras teatrales, música, asados, salidas espontaneas, de personas, de lugares, de escuchar. Arriesgar es ganar. No voy a arriesgar vivir, por el qué dirán, qué sospecharán, qué podría pasar. Perdí una amiga a una edad muy joven, y ella vivía, vivía alegre, tenía proyectos. Yo también los tengo, y quiero conocer, quiero aprender, quiero ser. Hasta el día que Dios me lo permita. Estoy harta de la presión social. Me cansé de preocuparme al estar pendiente si los demás me juzgarán. Soy mujer. Soy Técnica en Turismo. Soy fanática de la música, del deporte, de entrar en las ciudades, en los parques naturales, entrar en un ecosistema diferente, contagiarme de risas locales o extranjeras, saborear nuevos platos de comida, y más. Me gustaría vivir lo que sueño. Y lo vivo. Estoy soñando, …