Mar del Plata City

Mar del Plata City

viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017


I love and enjoy reading blogs of travelers and today I read some amazingly true facts. A newyorker woman, Annie Daly, wrote in a webpage called SELF about "Traveling the world taught me that I was doing wellness all wrong." [link:]. 

This article is great to read and reminds me that there is a certain huge truth in everything Annie says. Doesn´t matter where we live, e.g. I live in Argentina, we all do different activities that we and only we consider "wellness." It is, I think, an extraordinary topic to study and experience different cities, people, culture, and what they call wellness is just... wow I find it so interesting! Because I believe that wellness is a good part of the essence of a human being and so subjective at the same time.
Getting inspired is so reconforting for me. As I was reading the article I immediately thought I wanted to write about it. I felt every moment Annie had in Croatia, Jamaica and Perú. Though I haven´t been in these countries, they are very part of my list. 
From my experience, I just love to hear what people have to say, to watch what people "normally" do for them, but for me is so strange, fascinating, different... And of course, when I capture a rutine I find extraordinary, I think of all the possibilities I have to incorpore it in my every day life. 
For example, before my year abroad Europe, I spent loads of money in things that now I would never do. It is crazy how easy is now for me to save. And that is because my goal is to travel as much as I can. I keep having dinner with friends, I keep going to the sea cost and enjoy sunny days, I keep singing at home with the music out loud, or at the car with the radio on. I keep training and playing field hockey four times a week. I keep doing pretty much everything I have always done, but now I am saving money. 
I am now fond into reading, playing sports, listening to a big variety of good music, attending to music concerts, having a quality time with family and traveling accompanied or on my own (which is never alone).
The truth is, that all those cliché phrases you can find on the internet, in books, in kitchen signs and cups about life and traveling, they are hell right. You do have to go for it, you do have to break your fears, you do have to read as much books as you can, you do have to smile a lot, or pray to God every morning. And not because someone says so, but because I find real peace and satisfaction when I put these "cheesy phrases" into practice.
This new me, Is quite similar as my always me, but quite different too. That is because Traveling changes us. We now have a completely different sight of the world but also of our city, our family, our souls. 
I leave with a good cheesy phrase for y´all

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viernes, 22 de septiembre de 2017


Today I want to write about what I think of traveling.
I am at home for ten months now and I am having a big need of going somewhere else, anywhere, just not here. Last year I was constantly discovering new places and that became part of me. It seems to me that this year I am too attached to one place, as I've always been. But me, I'm not the same I was a year and a half before.
Argentina, where I live has an extremely difficult economy to allow us (citizens) to travel. Moreover, distances are huge. In my country we have thousands of natural places that are marvelous and breathless, but the truth is only a ten percent of the population can visit them every year. Most of us, spend a very long time saving money just to visit one attraction, or natural park, or city...
I love my country, I love my land, I love my people with the good and the very bad. I just only wish  we could travel more. Finding, learning, getting surprised, admiring, leaving pieces of my heart in different corners of the world , I find that this what fulfills me.
Looking at photos, reading my traveling notes, having sporadic memories, keep me alive. I just wish I could travel more. Even though I know I travel way more than the average here in Argentina. I appreciate this so much, that I can't have enough.
I am fond of searching on the internet about Tourism, I even study about Tourism every day (three subjects currently), I love love love reading travelers blogs. Oh how they inspire me! And music? Oh grand music about places, moments with people we treasure, and with lyrics that make us a better human.

"La Quinta" my grandparent's house-farm in Corrientes, Argentina.

Mar Del Plata, Argentina (where I live)

sábado, 16 de septiembre de 2017

Long time no post

Just wanted to write that I am having a great time in life. I am studying to get a higher degree in Tourism, which luckily will take me two more years, I am playing field hockey which is a sport, a therapy and a passion I have since I am nine  years old. I am planning and planning and achieving goals which is exactly what fills my heart.
One month from today I will be flying to Brasil to spend five days with Carol, a friend God put in my way when living in Dublin. 
We traveled together to Liverpool and was amazing. As she knew Paul McCartney was going to play in Porto Alegre this October, she immediately noticed me and invited me to go visit her. I remember that at first I was convinced it wouldn't be possible because of money issues, but one month later I realized it was a genuine hell yeah I'm going to watch Paul live!

'Till the next post ❤️ 


lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

-Fragmento de pensamientos al mes de vivir en Dublin-


No me importa el peligro. Quiero viajar.
Nací mujer y estoy orgullosa de serlo. Quiero experimentar.
Quiero estudiar el resto de mi vida de libros, videos, páginas web, charlas, acontecimientos culturales, obras teatrales, música, asados, salidas espontaneas, de personas, de lugares, de escuchar.
Arriesgar es ganar. No voy a arriesgar vivir, por el qué dirán, qué sospecharán, qué podría pasar.
Perdí una amiga a una edad muy joven, y ella vivía, vivía alegre, tenía proyectos. Yo también los tengo, y quiero conocer, quiero aprender, quiero ser. Hasta el día que Dios me lo permita.
Estoy harta de la presión social. Me cansé de preocuparme al estar pendiente si los demás me juzgarán. Soy mujer. Soy Técnica en Turismo. Soy fanática de la música, del deporte, de entrar en las ciudades, en los parques naturales, entrar en un ecosistema diferente, contagiarme de risas locales o extranjeras, saborear nuevos platos de comida, y más.
Me gustaría vivir lo que sueño. Y lo vivo. Estoy soñando, por favor no me despierten. Viajar cura discriminaciones, malos preceptos, prejuicios. Ponerse en el lugar del otro es lo que nos hace humanos. Para ponernos en su lugar, tenemos que saber lo que les gusta, en lo que son buenos, su día a día. Para esto, tenemos que pasar tiempo con ellos. Sí, hoy el tiempo no alcanza, por eso hay que planear.
Tengo muchos planes. Los objetivos tienen paradas, las paradas tienen un rumbo que seguir, un itinerario que sin planificación no tienen sentido.
Caminar por caminar es necesario de vez en cuando. Sin embargo, si voy a recorrer ciudades, pueblos, pueblitos, extensiones de tierra, de agua, de aire, necesito saber por qué voy, qué me empuja a ir.
Descubrir por qué disfrutamos el viajar, es como intentar entender cada reacción humana ante una misma situación. Disfrutar no tiene lógica, porque cada uno lo vivimos de una manera diferente, porque, aunque sea en un mismo momento, las mismas horas compartidas, haciendo lo mismo, el ojo tiene un pasado en el que respaldarse, tiene una mente en la que transformar la realidad.
Es algo tan hermoso y sorprendente saber que todos somos distintos. A veces parezco lunática, porque cuando alguien habla de viajes, experiencias, opiniones, abro mis oídos, mis pensamientos y hasta la boca, porque entiendo que todos tenemos algo que demostrar, todos queremos contar nuestro punto de vista. Ya si están equivocados o no, lo descubriré por mi cuenta más adelante, pero mientras, ¡Qué lindo es descubrir algo nuevo mientras otro lo cuenta, mientras expresa con su cuerpo lo terrible que fue caminar por esa plaza, o lo fascinante que es entrar al castillo, o la calma que lo inundó al sentarse al lado del arroyo y escuchar los pájaros!

Sí, el miedo existe, pero se vive mejor haciendo de cuenta que no está ahí. A veces, evadir la realidad es necesaria, mientras sea para cumplir mis deseos, lo seguiré haciendo. Yo creo en Dios, porque me demuestra día a día que él está para hacerme sonreír y llorar de felicidad, muchas veces ambas a la vez. Es tan enorme, que resuelve todo sin que yo tenga tiempo de preocuparme. Por eso, hace un rato decidí no gastar tiempo en miedos, para qué, tengo a Dios conmigo.

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017